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1. Cookies are used on the www.docsimon.com website. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer. They are stored by a web browser at the request of the individual websites you are viewing. Websites may request the contents of the file. They see, for example, which pages you have previously visited, whether you have been filling in a form or if you are logged in. Cookies are required for the proper functioning of larger sites on the Internet. On the website pages are stored cookies of the website operator as well as third-party cookies.

2. Cookies can be stored on your computer for a different time length. Some cookies are limited by the duration of the session and are therefore valid only until your browser is running; after termination of the session, they are automatically removed. Other cookies are permanent and remain in your internet browser even after the end of the session until the specified date, or until you delete them. These cookies help your computer being identified when you restart the Internet browser and they make it easier to set up your site when you return, they help with signing in or with a reminder of the offer.

3. Cookies are used on the website for the following purposes:
a) key (functional) cookies - without them the site will not function properly. There may be problems with forms, orders, or users will not be able to stay signed in;
b) analytical - allow you to track site traffic and use of various features. According to them, the structure, appearance and content of the site is improved;
c) tracking and remarketing - help optimize your bids for customers and reach them in the advertising space on other websites;
d) conversion - used to evaluate how advertising works and the different ways people get to the site. This makes it possible to improve the pages and make them more user-friendly.

4. Regular Internet browsers allow you to disable cookie storage (you can also disable the use of third-party cookies). However, if you disable cookies, some website features may not be available or user experience may be reduced. Disabling cookies will prevent you from displaying relevant ads.

5. Internet browsers also usually allow you to control most types of cookies in their settings. You can set your browser to let you know about receiving cookies, so you can decide whether to use cookies or not.

6. You can also permanently delete cookies that are stored on your computer.

7. For details on how to clear, disable or permanently block cookies, see the help of your web browser. You can find further explanation under the following links: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

8. If you want to learn more about using cookies, such as what kind of cookies you have set up, what cookies mean and how you can manage them more, you can visit for example these sites.

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