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Vitamins, minerals and coenzyme Q10

Vitamins and minerals are important substances for health, vitality, growth and a correct development of the organism. If you diet isn't varied enough, it is necessary to supplement vitamins to the organism by means of food supplements. Coenzyme Q10 is the body's own substance that helps the body to deal with physical as well as mental strain, eliminates tiredness, strengthens the heart and supplies energy to the body.

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MAXI-KALZ tbl eff 10x 1000mg (1g)
medicinal preparation
VITAMIN E 100 Zentiva cps 30x 100mg
medicinal preparation
Tbl. CALCII CARBONICI tbl  50 x 0.5 g
medicinal preparation
medicinal preparation
MAXI-KALZ tbl eff  20x 500mg (0.5 g)
medicinal preparation
Tbl. MAGNESII LACTICI tbl   50x 0.5g
medicinal preparation
CELASKON blood orange tbl eff 20x 500 mg
medicinal preparation
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