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A comprehensive treatment of pain of the locomotive apparatus

Pain is the first sign of the locomotive apparatus disease and basically it is a warning signal for us not to load the locomotive system, the painful area in particular, too much any longer. However, sometimes it is necessary to use medication, relieve the condition and then look for the cause of the problem. Local treatment of pain: creams, gels, sprays Topic (local) treatment of pain, in which medication penetrates transdermally (through the skin) directly to the source of pain, often substitutes a system wide treatment or at least significantly augments its effect.

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NALGESIN S tbl 20x 275mg
medicinal preparation
DICLOFENAC AL tbl  20x 25mg
medicinal preparation
PARALEN tbl 12x 500mg
medicinal preparation
PARAMAX RAPID tbl 30x 500mg
medicinal preparation
DICLOFENAC AL tbl  50x 25mg
medicinal preparation
IBUMAX tbl 30x 400mg
medicinal preparation
PARALEN suppositories 5x 500mg
medicinal preparation
ASPIRIN-C tbl eff 10
medicinal preparation
medicinal preparation
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