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Decanting cats

Especially round and flat worms (such as roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms etc.) belong to internal parasites attacking the intestinal system of animals. Unfortunately, a risk of transferring the contamination on a human exists here. Therefore it is necessary to decant the animals regularly and to remove their excrements from the environment. The tablets with the anti-parasite effect are administered perorally or in food or crashed in food. The dose is determined with respect to the animal weight.

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BANMINTH KATZE paste 3g (cats) a.u.v.
BANMINTH KATZE paste 3g (cats) a.u.v.
8,50 €
standard price 9,40 €
DRONTAL tbl. 2 (cats) a.u.v.
DRONTAL tbl. 2 (cats) a.u.v.
5,50 €
standard price 5,70 €
DRONTAL tbl. 24 (cats) a.u.v.
DRONTAL tbl. 24 (cats) a.u.v.
54,90 €
standard price 56,90 €
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Reporting of side effects
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