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WOBENZYM drg 200


Medicinal preparation

WOBENZYM drg 200
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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: enzymatic preparations

Active substance: Pancreatinum 300 Protease Ph. Eur.-j., papainum 90 F.I.P.-j., bromelaina 225 F.I.P.-j., lipasum 34 F.I.P.-j., amylasum 50 F.I.P.-j, trypsinum 360 F.I.P.-j., chymotrypsinum 300 F.I.P.-j., rutosidum trihydricum 50 mg / 1drg

minimum amount for dispatch: Wobenzym contains suitably composed enzymes (substances breaking down proteins) that have the ability to effectively influence immunity, inhibit inflammation and swelling, and to a certain extent also dissolve blood clots. They speed up the course of inflammation and relieve its consequences, inhibit the signs of illnesses caused by harmful immunocomplexes that form as a result of antibody reactions. The amounts of products of intermediary metabolism harmful to the human body and dead tissue material are rapidly reduced. Swelling and hematomas are better absorbed. Rutin normalizes the blood vessel wall permeability. Wobenzym decreases blood viscosity and thus improves blood circulation in the tinest blood vessels. Inflammations, pains and swellings are rapidly relieved and the healing process is facilitated. Pellets are resistant to gastric juice. Wobenzym is a drug that contains proteolytic enzymes that have a beneficial effect on immunity and healing of inflammation (acute, recurrent as well as chronic). While used, Wobenzym helps to rapidly reduce oedemas, suffusions and haematomas, and relieves pain. Generally, it facilitates the healing process. Wobenzym is suitable as a supportive treatment for various inflammations. These are, among others, inflammations of the air passages and urinary tract, gynaecological inflammations, inflammations of the prostate, inflammations of the superficial veins (including haemorrhoids). Moreover, the drug is suitable also for relieving pain and reducing oedemas after injuries or surgeries (including dental and plastic surgeries). It also helps in inflammatory activations of a degenerative joint disease (arthritis) and other inflammations of the locomotive system. It is a suitable alternative treatment for persons who do not tolerate non-steroid analgesics. It is also beneficial to use Wobenzym when the lymphatic drainage has been disrupted for various reasons and lymphoedema occurs.

EAN: 4030142015200 4030142128115

Manufacturer: Mucos Pharma GmbH and Co, Geretsried, Germany, www.mucos.de/en/home

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WOBENZYM drg 200
medicinal preparation
WOBENZYM drg 800
medicinal preparation
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