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VOLTAREN Emulgel 100g 1%

VOLTAREN Emulgel 100g 1%
medicinal preparation
NameVOLTAREN Emulgel 100g 1%
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Application formointments, creams, gels, pastes
Indication groupanalgesics
nonsteroid antiphlogistics and antirheumatics
ManufacturerNovartis s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic,
Active substanceDiclofenacum diethylaminum 1,16 g/100 g 1%
minimum amount for dispatchVoltaren Emulgel belongs to the group of drugs which are indicated as non-steroid anti-inflammatory substances. It is intended for external use in treating pain, inflammation and oedema in a whole series of painful conditions affecting muscles and joints. Voltaren Emulgel is white non-greasy gel in water foundation, which can be easily rubbed in the skin and gets absorbed very well.
SUKLVOLTAREN EMULGEL drm gel 1x100gm - 173209

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medicinal preparation