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VISMED GEL gel drops 20x 0.45ml


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VISMED GEL gel drops 20x 0.45ml
VISMED GEL gel drops 20x 0.45ml
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Indication: dry eye

Composition: Natrii hyaluronas 0.3%.

Description: VISMED GEL (gel drops, free of preserving agents) contains sodium hyaluronate that helps moisturize the eyes in dry eyes, burning or tired eyes. These problems can be caused by dust, smoke, dry hot air, air-conditioning, use of contact lenses, etc. Tired eyes is a term used for describing unpleasant eye feelings which occur after a longer time of intensive concentration. The stressing modern lifestyle lays higher and higher demands on our eyes, which leads to painfulness, strain and overwork of eyes consequently. The activities, such as longer work with a computer, reading and driving a vehicle, are associated with less frequent blinking, which leads to the inception of unpleasant symptoms of a tired eye consequently. It has been proved that the increased working concentration for a longer time brings along decrease of blinking frequency up to 66 %, and thus the eye becomes tired. This condition is associated with insufficient moisturizing of eye surface caused by insufficient amount of tears or insufficient tear production. The packaging contains 20 single-use bottles each containing 0.45ml of the solution. Use: usually drop one or two drops into each eye as needed. The solution can also be used when using contact lenses. Do not use any other eye products simultaneously with this one, as their effectiveness can be influenced. With respect to the fact that Vismed does not contain any preserving agents, any unused solution in a one-use bottle must be destroyed.

EAN: 4028694000188

Manufacturer: TRB Chemedica AG, Haar, Germany, www.trbchemedica.de

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