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VINCENTKA nasal spray 25ml

VINCENTKA nasal spray 25ml
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NameVINCENTKA nasal spray 25ml
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Indicationprevention of nasal mucous membrane disease
ManufacturerVincentka a.s., Luhačovice, Czech Republic,
CompositionNatural, curative, very strongly mineralized, iodine, carbonic mineral water
DescriptionVINCENTKA nasal spray : It helps to keep physiological cleansing ability of the nasal mucous membrane (function of the ciliary epithelium), enables the optimum function of so-called mucosal immunity as primary protection from infections. It can be used for moisturizing the mucous membrane of the whole nasal cavity and rhinopharynx, especially in the environment with low relative air humidity, in spaces teated with central heating and the environment polluted especially with dust particles. Dosage: 2 - 3 times a day into both nostrils, respectively into the mouth, preferably during daily routine.

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VINCENTKA nasal spray 25ml

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