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TRAVEL-GUM chewing gums 10x 20mg

TRAVEL-GUM chewing gums 10x 20mg
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Application form: chewing gums

Indication group: antiemetics
antivertiginous drugs

Active substance: dimenhydrinatum 20mg v 1 žvýkačce

Pregnancy and lactation: Because of the risk of mental and somatic retardation especially in administration of high doses of dimenhydrinate, the oral gum Travel-Gum 20 mg must not be administered to pregnant and breast-feeding women.

minimum amount for dispatch: We recommend the chewing gum Travel-Gum to people suffering of travel sickness: kinetosis. Chew 1 oral chewing gum Travel-Gum 20 mg 15 - 30 minutes before the beginning of your journey for 10 minutes. If the sickness still occurs later, it is necessary to chew one more oral gum with the first symptoms; another one can be, in case of need, administered after 6 hours at earliest. People in whom the propensity for kinetosis have not been known should chew Travel-Gum 20 as early as possible after occurrence of the first ailments (sickness, vomiting). Adults and adolescents may use the dose of 6 - 7 oral gums a day at maximum. The preparation is intended to people older than 15 years of age; as for children, the chewing gum Travel-Gum 10 mg or half of this chewing gum 20 mg is intended.

EAN: 9088880458709

Manufacturer: Meda Pharma GmbH, Vienna, Austria, www.meda.se

TRAVEL-GUM 20MG por gum 10x20mg - 0067637
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medicinal preparation
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