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TEARS NATURALE II lubricant eye drops 15ml


Medicinal preparation

TEARS NATURALE II  lubricant eye drops 15ml

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Application form: eye preparations (drops, ointments, gels)

Indication group: ophtalmologicals

Active substance: Dextranum 70 1,0 mg a Hydroxypropylmethylcellulózum 3,0 mg v 1 ml roztoku

minimum amount for dispatch: TEARS NATURALE II lubricant eye drops : your tears are remarkable liquid. And they have a very important function. The tears contain the exact amount of the natural components, which blend in order to make a protective layer of the eye surface called the tear film. The tear film protects and moisturizes your eyes every day and helps keep them in comfort and healthy. But some people have too few normal tears. Many people produce either too small amount of tears or tears which miss some of the important components. Lack of tears or the tears which do not contain everything what they need for fulfilling their task may cause erosion of the tear film and formation of dry spots on the cornea. Thus the symptoms of dry and sensitive eyes occur - the feeling of sand in the eyes, itching and burning of the eyes, eye-strain and overall discomfort. Sometimes, a dry eye may be, surprisingly, a cause of excessive lacrimation in the attempt to keep the eye surface wet, but these tears miss the necessary components so that the problem persists. The disorder of a dry eye attacks mainly adults in their later age, mostly women. The older a person is, the less liquid, including tears, his or her body produces. The cause is also the outer environment, dry air, smog, smoke and wind, which may deteriorate the given conditions. The problems with the tear film may be also caused by frequent allergies, vitamin insufficiency and arthritis.

EAN: 8594050589704

Manufacturer: Alcon-Couvreur n.v., Puurs, Belgium, www.alcon.com

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TEARS NATURALE II gtt oph 1x15ml
ARUFIL eye drops 1x 10ml
medicinal preparation
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