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TEARS AGAIN eye spray with liposomes 10ml


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TEARS AGAIN eye spray with liposomes 10ml
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Indication: dry eye

Composition: 1ml contains 10mg of soya lecitin, 8mg sodium chloride, 8mg ethanol, 5mg of phenoxyethanol, 0.25mg of vitamin A, 0.02 of vitamin E.

Description: Tears Again eye spray with liposomes stabilises the lipid layer of the tear film, it regulates and improves the process of moisturizing of the eye and lid surface. It is used in dry eye feeling, tension in the eyelids, the feeling of foreign body in the eye, in burning and itching of the eyes. Tears Again makes wearing of contact lenses more comfortable. Use: spray Tears Again 1-2x shortly on the closed eyelids. Spray from a distance of approx. 10cm from the eye. Do not spray into an open eye! When sprayed into opened eyes accidentally, Tears Again can cause a short-term burning. This feeling subsides without any consequences. Usually it is recommended to use Tears Again up to 3-4x daily. Notice: if you use other eye drops and eye ointments simultaneously, use Tears Again at least 10 minutes before or after application of the other eye product.

EAN: 8594039798103

Manufacturer: Optima Pharmazeutische GmbH, Wang, Germany, www.optimapharma.de

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