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TANAKAN solution 1x 90ml


Medicinal preparation

TANAKAN solution 1x 90ml

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Application form: drops and solutions for internal use

Indication group: drugs against dementia
nootropic drugs

Active substance: Ginkgo bilobae extractum normatum (EGb 761) v 1 ml

minimum amount for dispatch: TANAKAN preparation contains standardized extract EGb 761 made of leaves of maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba). It has especially following effects: vasodilating for small arteries (it widens them), rheological (it improves rheological properties of blood); it decreases agglomeration of blood platelets and red blood cells, promotes venous tone (tension), decreases increased permeability of capillaries and so acts against oedemas, improves intracellular utilization of glucose and also acts against the presence of so-called free radicals. The preparation increases synthesis and releasing of active substance called acetylcholine, the amount of which is decreased in old age. The preparation is intended for adult (possibly for young) persons. Without consultation with doctor, this preparation can be taken - in the case of disorders of mental performance e.g. memory impairment, attention impairment and emotional lability of older persons, especially caused by chronic cerebral vascular deficiency. Adults use 1 dose (e.g. 1 ml) three times a day (in the morning, at noon, in the evening) before meal in half glass of water. Use attached calibrated dispenser for dose measurement. Suck in solution up to the mark of 1 dose (1 ml). This dispenser cannot be used for another medicament.

EAN: 3582183027991

Manufacturer: Ipsen, Paris, France, www.ipsen.com

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TANAKAN sol 1x90ml+dÁvk
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