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SUPPOSITORIA GLYCERINI suppositories 10x 2g

SUPPOSITORIA GLYCERINI suppositories 10x 2g
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Application form: rectal preparations (suppositories, ointments and creams)

Indication group: laxatives

Active substance: Glycerolum 85% 2,06 g

Pregnancy and lactation: The preparation can be used during pregnancy as well as lactation.

minimum amount for dispatch: SUPPOSITORIA GLYCERINI : Glycerine (glycerolum) contained in a suppository binds water, softens the stool and increases its volume in the lower part of the large intestine, thus facilitates its excretion in constipation. The effect is felt in 10-20 minutes after use.

EAN: 8594739047907

Manufacturer: Zentiva a.s., Prague, Czech Republic, www.sanofi-aventis.cz, www.zentiva.com

SUPPOSITORIA GLYCERINI LÉČIVA rct sup 10x2.06gm - 0003688
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