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STÉRIMAR nose spray 50ml

STÉRIMAR nose spray  50ml
health-care devices
NameSTÉRIMAR nose spray 50ml
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IndicationSupplementary treatment of a cold, treatment of nasal mucosa, nose hygiene.
ManufacturerLaboratoires Fumouze, Levallois-Perret Cedex, France,
Composition31.82 ml of seawater in 100 ml of the solution.
DescriptionStérimar is used for a daily hygiene of the nose, for prevention of the upper airways diseases, for relief in runny nose and allergies, for restoration and maintenance of natural moisture of the nasal mucosa. Its application into the nose is safe in babies, children as well as adults. It is dropped 2x - 6x daily into each nose hole. Stérimar is a natural product without preservatives and therefore its use in timely unlimited.

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STÉRIMAR nose spray  50ml

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