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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: otorhinolaryngologicals

Active substance: Gentianae radicis pulvis 6 mg, Primulae floris cum calyce pulvis 18 mg, Rumicis herbae pulvis 18 mg, Sambuci floris pulvis 18 mg, Verbenae herbae pulvis 18 mg

minimum amount for dispatch: The Sinupret tablets is a water-alcohol extract of plant drugs containing bitter substances, saponins, flavonoids, hydroxyphenyl carbon acids. Esters and steroid triterpenes. It increases production, dissolution and promotes expectoration of phlegm and sweating, has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial effects. It is indicated in acute and chronic inflammations of paranasal sinuses and the airways and as a supportive treatment in an antibacterial therapy. The medication can be used by adults as well as children over 6 years of age, and adolescents. Unless your doctor instructs you otherwise, use the medication as follows: Adults 3 times daily 2 tablets School age children 3 times daily 1 tablet Follow the recommended dosage. To achieve the best effect it is necessary to take Sinupret® regularly for 10 – 14 days. Drinking sufficient amount of water has a supportive effect. Swallow whole tablets and rinse down with a small amount of water.

EAN: 4029799119843

Manufacturer: Bionorica AG, Neumarkt, Germany, www.bionorica.de

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