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SAB SIMPLEX drops suspension 30ml

SAB SIMPLEX drops suspension 30ml
medicinal preparation
NameSAB SIMPLEX drops suspension 30ml
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Application formdrops and solutions for internal use
syrups and suspensions for internal use
Indication groupdeflatulents
ManufacturerMcNeil Manufacturing, Orléans Cedex, France,
Active substanceSimethiconum (Dimeticonum 350 - cum silicii dioxydo 92,5:7,5) 63,99 mg v 1 ml
Pregnancy and lactationThe preparation can be used by pregnant women as well as breastfeeding mothers.
minimum amount for dispatchSab Simplex is an anti-foam preparation dissolving foam that prevents absorption of gas in the stomach and bowels. Thus enabling gas to escape naturally or to be absorbed by the bowel wall. In the digestive tract sections there is air (gas) present in various amounts that gets into the body while swallowing food as well as is created during decomposition caused by bacteria present in the digestive tract. Swallowed air is partially released through belching, gas is partially absorbed by the bowel wall, or it comes out of the body through the rectum. If the balance of accumulating and releasing gases is impaired, bubbles form, which causes the phlegm film on the digestive tube to foam causing a subsequent prevention of a natural absorption and release of gases. This is the cause of the feeling of fullness, flatulence and tension in the stomach. Inappropriate diet contributes greatly to an increased amount of gases in the digestive tract (a high portion of fats and proteins in food, etc.). Sab Simplex dissolves bubbles in foamy phlegm of the bowel wall, however, it is not absorbed, but is goes out unchanged through the bowel out of the body.
SUKLSAB SIMPLEX sus 1x30ml - 122629

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SAB SIMPLEX drops suspension 30mlSAB SIMPLEX drops suspension 30ml

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