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Royal Canin URINARY S/O CAT 3.5kg

Royal Canin URINARY S/O CAT 3.5kg
Royal Canin URINARY S/O CAT 3.5kg
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Description : Struvite Dissolution - Provides nutrition that aids in the management of pure struvite uroliths. Urine Dilution - Increasing the urine volume simultaneously reduces the saturation of urine with calcium oxalate and struvite crystals. Low RSS - Relative Super Saturation (RSS) methodology predicts the crystallization potential of urine; RSS is used to develop diets that lower the concentration of ions contributing to struvite and calcium oxalate urolithiasis. Controlled Magnesium - Reduced level of magnesium, a natural component of struvite stones.

EAN: 3182550711050

Manufacturer: Royal Canin, Marseilles, France, www.royalcanin.co.uk

Royal Canin URINARY S/O CAT 1.5kg
veterinary food supplements
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veterinary food supplements
Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Šrobárova 48, 100 41 Praha 10, www.sukl.cz

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