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PYRIDOXIN tbl 20x 20mg


Medicinal preparation

PYRIDOXIN tbl 20x 20mg
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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: vitamins

Active substance: Pyridoxini hydrochloridum (Vitamin B6) 20 mg

Pregnancy and lactation: Studies performed during pregnancy with administration of necessary daily doses did not show any adverse effects on the foetus. However, in high doses the pyridoxine addiction syndrome can occur in a newborn. The preparation is indicated during pregnancy and lactation only when the need is really increased.

minimum amount for dispatch: Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) belongs to the vitamins soluble in water. Pyridoxine plays an important role in the action of various enzymes that are necessary for a breakdown and utilisation of proteins, sugars and fats from food and for the change of reserve sugars in liver and in muscles into energy, for a healthy functioning of the central nervous system and the skin. Vitamin B6 is important for the production of red cells and antibodies. The lack of vitamin B6 in the body is connected with the lack of vitamins from the whole B group of vitamins and manifests as weakness, irritation, skin diseases, oral cavity and tongue inflammations and cracking of the lips. Changes in red blood cell count can be observed, children can develop cramps. A necessary daily dose of vitamin B6 is dependent upon age and intake of proteins in nutrition, in adults it corresponds to 2.2 mg daily.

EAN: 8594739043633

Manufacturer: Zentiva a.s., Prague, Czech Republic, www.sanofi-aventis.cz, www.zentiva.com

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VITAMIN E 200 Zentiva cps 30x 200mg
medicinal preparation
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