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PROCTO-GLYVENOL suppositories 10


Medicinal preparation

PROCTO-GLYVENOL suppositories 10
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Application form: rectal preparations (suppositories, ointments and creams)

Indication group: antihemorrhoids

Active substance: Tribenosidum 400 mg, Lidocaini hydrochloridum monohydricum 40 mg

minimum amount for dispatch: Procto-Glvenol : Tribenoside, a synthetic compound belonging to the group of glucofuranosides, and lidocaine, local anaesthetic (contained in both forms of Procto-Glyvenol), bring a rapid relief of unpleasant symptoms connected with haemorrhoids (pain, tingling, pricking, feeling of tight skin) that are usually caused by a secondary inflammation of the anorectal area. A healing effect of Procto-Glyvenol in patients with haemorrhoids is guaranteed due to its specific activity - first, owing to its ability to decrease permeability of walls of the smallest vessels and to increase the vessel wall tension - and second, owing to its local anti-inflammatory effect and owing to its action against various substances which originate in the inflammatory tissue and which take a joint effect in development of inflammation and pain. The lidocaine component helps to relieve pain quickly. As Procto-Glyvenol is aimed to reach a local effect, it is desirable for the absorption of the active substance tribenoside into the body to be as lowest as possible. Approximately 2-20% of tribenoside will be absorbed by the skin from the cream, from one suppository it is 20-27% of the dose. After absorption tribenoside is subjected to an intensive metabolism in the body and the substances created in this way are excreted into urine. Lidokaine is absorbed in a very small amount and does affect neither the central nervous system, nor the heart function.

EAN: 8594002952907

Manufacturer: Herbacos Recordati s.r.o., Pardubice, Czech Republic

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