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Composition: Capsaicin, camphor, dwarf pine oil, boswelia.

Description: Priessnitz warm liniment is a body massage cream with boswelia, camphor, capsaicin and dwarf pine oil for relaxation of stiff and aching muscles and joints. It is recommended that the Priessnitz warm liniment should be used to massage the skin which supports efficiently locomotor system muscle relaxation, it is a relief to heavy, stiff and tired limbs, allows loosening of cervical and lumbar spine regions, it is also suitable for massages in connection with rheumatic troubles. The liniment contains an warming complex: a mixture of ethereal and aromatic components, especially camphor and capsaicin, providing the warming and slightly numbing effect, another component, which is boswelia, has a positive effect in connection with inflammations and loosens affected parts in general. The warming effect of the Priessnitz warm liniment is the result of the effect of capsaicin which supplies blood, and this is supported with a slightly numbing effect of camphor. Capsaicin stimulates skin in the place of its application, capillaries are widened and the particular place is supplied with blood. The warming effect is caused by the supply of blood and the effect of camphor on nerve ends. Use: massage the stiff and aching place with an adequate amount of the body cream. The effects of the medicament will be even more intensive if you apply a pack to the place of the application.

EAN: 8594059730602

Manufacturer: Simply You a.s., Vítkov, Czech Republic, www.simply-you.cz/eu

Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Šrobárova 48, 100 41 Praha 10, www.sukl.cz

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