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PREPARATION H suppositories 12


Medicinal preparation

PREPARATION H suppositories 12
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Application form: rectal preparations (suppositories, ointments and creams)

Indication group: antihemorrhoids

Active substance: Faecis extractum fluidum 23 mg, Squali oleum 69 mg

Pregnancy and lactation: The preparation may be used by pregnant and nursing women, because vitamin A is not absorbed from rectum.

minimum amount for dispatch: Preparation H suppositories contain vitamins A and D in the form of fat from shark liver. These vitamins are necessary for the restoration of epithelium on impaired or injured places. The composition of yeast cell extract has stimulating influence on cell breathing and so also the healing of wounds. The preparation also helps to reduce oedema of inflamed tissues. Preparation H is used for quick, temporary relief from painful stinging, itching and further unpleasant troubles caused by haemorrhoids. It is intended for adult patients. Unless recommended otherwise by doctor, adults use usually one suppository for relief in the morning, one for night and one after each stool. Continue the treatment for pair of days after the decline of troubles (altogether for at least 5 days). If the problems still continue, consult with your doctor.

EAN: 9120036091382

Manufacturer: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Havant, United Kingdom, www.pfizer.com

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PREPARATION H rct sup 12
PREPARATION H ointment 25g
medicinal preparation
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