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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: enzymatic preparations

Active substance: Bromelaina 90 mg (odpovídá 250 F.I.P.-j), trypsinum 48 mg (odpovídá 24 mikrokat), rutosidum trihydricum 100 mg

minimum amount for dispatch: Phlogenzym is a preparation containing the combination of two proteolytic enzymes (substances breaking down the proteins) of plant and animal origin supplemented by flavonoid rutoside, which favourably interferes in various phases of an inflammatory reaction and immune processes. The components of Phlogenzym jointly participate in eliminating harmful products of intermediary metabolism in the area of inflammation, in faster absorption of swelling, wheals and extravasations. They normalise vessel wall permeability and thus reduce swelling. Phlogenzym reduces blood viscosity and favourably influences some properties of blood platelets and red blood cells that play part in blood clot (thrombus) formation. Owing to this, it improves blood flow in small vessels and regulates blood circulation in tissues and their supplementation with nutrients and oxygen. All of this promotes and accelerates healing processes and tissue regeneration and relieves pain connected with inflammation.They are suitable in particular for healing oedemas after injuries and surgeries, as a part of the treatment of various inflammatory conditions (as for example inflammations of the urinary tract and of genitals, inflammations of veins). The product can be suitable also for the treatment of inflammation of the locomotive system and of rheumatic diseases. Tablets are resistant to gastric juice.

EAN: 4030142015729

Manufacturer: Mucos Pharma GmbH and Co, Geretsried, Germany, www.mucos.de/en/home

PHLOGENZYM por tbl flm 200 - 0067166
WOBENZYM drg 200
WOBENZYM drg 200
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medicinal preparation
WOBENZYM drg 800
WOBENZYM drg 800
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medicinal preparation
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