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Pharmaton GERIAVIT cps 100

Pharmaton GERIAVIT cps 100
Pharmaton GERIAVIT cps 100
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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: mineral substances

Active substance: komplex vitamínů, minerálů, ženšenového extraktu (viz příbalová informace)

minimum amount for dispatch: Pharmaton Geriavit is a preparation containing the combination of a standardised ginseng extract G115, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Ginseng extract G115 is obtained through a special procedure from roots of a genuine ginseng (Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer). It has a constant (= standardised) content of active substances. Standardised ginseng extract G115 Pharmaton increases an overall level of cell activity, which manifests by boosting physical and mental functions. It influences a variety of negative conditions, as for ex. tiredness, feeling of weakness and exhaustion, inadequate concentration. These conditions are usual especially in older and ill people, in people who are dependent on one-sided diets, in people on a reducing diet as well as in those who are exposed to stress or to increased physical strain etc. Vitamins, minerals and trace element are vital substances that cannot be produced by the human body itself. Their dosing in Pharmaton Geriavit corresponds to a daily amount needed by the human body. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements regulate and prevent damage to cell intermediary metabolism in moments of their higher demand. A lower supply of these substances can lead to physical and mental exhaustion, higher fatigue, lower vitality, impaired immunity of the body, slower recovery from the illness. A complex of contained B vitamins is necessary for a normal course of metabolic functions.

EAN: 8590347001300 8590347100669

Manufacturer: GINSANA SA, Switzerland

PHARMATON GERIAVIT por cps mol 100 - 199682
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