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NUTRIDRINK MULTI FIBRE with strawberry flavour 4x 200ml

NUTRIDRINK MULTI FIBRE with strawberry flavour 4x 200ml
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Description: NUTRIDRINK MULTI FIBRE is clinical nourishment tailored to so-called sipping. It is intended for patients with lower intake or increased need of energy and nutrients. Those are for example seniors who suffer from insufficient nourishment from various causes, patients before and after a planned surgical intervention (the period of recovery), patients with a tumour disease, patients with deterioration of the oral cavity, dentice and swallowing, and furthermore in inappetence in children and adults, in anorexia, bulimia etc. Nutridrink has a large content of energy in small volume (1.5 Kcal/ml). the nutrients can be absorbed easily with small demands on digestion. It is enriched with the registered mixture of 6 kinds of fibre - Multi Fibre, which corresponds with the structure of fibre in food. It normalizes intestinal functions and helps against diarrhoea and constipation. It is the most suitable to consume the preparation by slow sipping after a meal or between meals, because in this case the nutrients are absorbed better. To renew the full-value energy and nutrient intake, 2 Nutridrinks a day for the period of at least 14 days are recommended. The maximum preparation effect occurs only in keeping the right dosage.

EAN: 8716900565243

Manufacturer: Nutricia N.V., Zoetermeer, Netherlands, www.nutricia.com

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Information on a drug is available on the official website: Medicines.org.uk or EMEA : European Medicines Agency

NUTRIDRINK CREME s vanilkovou příchutí 4x 125ml
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