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NUROFEN FOR CHILDREN syrup 100ml ORANGE (100mg/5ml)

NUROFEN FOR CHILDREN syrup 100ml ORANGE  (100mg/5ml)


medicinal preparation
NameNUROFEN FOR CHILDREN syrup 100ml ORANGE (100mg/5ml)
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Application formsyrups and suspensions for internal use
Indication groupanalgesics, antipyretics
ManufacturerReckitt Benckiser Healthcare International Ltd., Slough, United Kingdom
Active substanceIbuprofenum 100mg / 5ml
minimum amount for dispatchNUROFEN FOR CHILDREN syrup : Nurofen belongs to the drugs indicated as analgetics, antipyretics, non-steroid antirheumatics (for moderating inflammation, pain and fever). It contains the active substance ibuprofen, which relieves pain, has anti-inflammatory effects and lowers increased temperature. Ibuprofen prevents production of some substances which participate in inception of pain, increased temperature and inflammation. The medicament NUROFEN FOR CHILDREN syrup is used: - to alleviate slight pains or pains of medium severity such as headaches, toothache, earaches, sore throats, pain in connection with teething, post-operation pains and pains in connection with soft tissue injuries; - with fevers incl. fevers after vaccination; - with pains and fevers associated with cold or influenza. The medicament is for children from from 3 months to 12 years of age.
SUKLNUROFEN PRO DĚTI sus por 1x100ml-tru -

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NUROFEN FOR CHILDREN syrup 100ml ORANGE  (100mg/5ml)NUROFEN FOR CHILDREN syrup 100ml ORANGE  (100mg/5ml)

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medicinal preparation