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NIZORAL shampoo 60ml 2%

Medicinal preparation

NIZORAL shampoo  60ml 2%
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Application form: liquids for external use (solutions, sprays, emulsions)

Indication group: antimycotics

Active substance: Ketoconazolum 20mg v 1g (2%)

minimum amount for dispatch: NIZORAL shampoo is a preparation intended for treatment of skin infections caused by fungi or yeasts. The shampoo can be used for treating the hairy part of the head or for more extent areas on the chest or in the face. the mentioned skin disorders usually manifests themselves as: - skin peeling on the head in the form of white flakes (dandruffs); - red-brown spots which yellow or whitish flakes, usually on the face or chest (seborrhoic dermatitis); - small brown or whitish spots of an irregular shape occurring on the body (pityriasis versicolor). You can treat these infections and prevent these infections with the help of NIZORAL shampoo.

EAN: 3574661291871 3574660511758

Manufacturer: Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V., Beerse, Belgium, en.janssenpharmaceutica.be

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NIZORAL drm sat 60ml 2%-lah
SKIN-CAP shampoo 150ml
SKIN-CAP shampoo 150ml
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