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NICORETTE FRESHFRUIT chewing gums 30x 4mg


Medicinal preparation

NICORETTE FRESHFRUIT chewing gums  30x 4mg
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Application form: chewing gums

Indication group: quit-smoking preparation

Active substance: Nicotini retinas 20mg odpovídá Nicotinum 4mg

minimum amount for dispatch: Nicorette Freshfruit chewing gums are of a square shape in a blister with aluminum foil. Nicorette chewing gum. The chewing gums help overcome the withdrawal symptoms accompanying dishabituation of smoking in smokers motivated to stop smoking. They serve as help during temporary discontinuation of smoking or they help decreasing the number of smoked cigarettes , and thus they help dishabituate smoking more easily. They do not provide so much satisfaction as a cigarette, because the strong nicotine effects, which the smoker feels as pleasant, do not occur in such an extent in the chewing gums. You do not have to be afraid that dishabituation of smoking will be difficult for you after discontinuation of the chewing gums. The condition of successful dishabituation of smoking is especially strong will and motivation for which the chewing gum treatment represent significant help. If the Nicorette Freshfruit chewing gums are used in accordance with the recommended dosage, they also help to control the weight increase after giving up smoking.

EAN: 3574660514292

Manufacturer: McNeil AB, Helsinborg, Sweden, www.mcneilab.se

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Nicorette Freshfruit Gum 4mg orm.gum.mnd.30x4mg
NICORETTE CLASSIC chewing gums 105x 2mg
medicinal preparation
NICORETTE CLASSIC chewing gums 105x 4mg
medicinal preparation
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