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NESTLE Sinlac 500g

NESTLE Sinlac 500g


baby food
NameNESTLE Sinlac 500g
Price including VAT7,70 €
(15,40 €/kg)
VAT rate15 %
Usual price8,80 €
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Age group4 months of age and older
ManufacturerNestlé France, Pontarlier, France,
Contains glutenNO
Contains milkNO
DescriptionWhen an allergy to cow milk proteins occurs in your baby, it is necessary to omit milk or dairy products from his or her fare. It is difficult to find an adequate substitute which would compensate for the missing food healthily and tastefully. Nestlé produced special pudding without milk, soya proteins and gluten, and it solves the fare in allergy not only to the cow milk, but also to soya and in the coeliac disease. Sinlac contains valuable proteins only with the minimum possibility of causing an allergic reaction, and therefore it is suitable for babies already from the 4th month of age. Sinlac is suitable also for older children and adults. Sinlac is prepared with water (in case of proved allergy) or with hypoallergenic baby milk food (in case of the increased risk of allergy occurrence). It can be combined also with other food.