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MoliCare Lady 3 drops 14pcs. (MoliMed)

MoliCare Lady 3 drops 14pcs. (MoliMed)
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type of the aid: vložky absorpční

VZP code: 87118

Absorption: 490 ml

Description: Your patients will now find MoliCare sanitary towels for slight urine leak in attractive packaging. The coloured indication of MoliCare packaging will make the choice of the right size. Inside there are still the products of top quality, which the MoliCare users are used to. Dry Plus Vlies on the surface will drain off the urine immediately into the absorbent core, and it prevents its reversal penetration. SAP superabsorbent will transform the urine into gel immediately in the absorbent core. Air Activ Textilcomfort on the lower side of MoliCare is most delicate to the skin thanks to soft natural fibres, and millions of micropores on its surface enable the skin to breathe freely. Use: In slight urine incontinence. High quality of MoliCare sanitary towels is guarantee of the feeling of safety, comfort and amenity in wearing. They are also used as protection after vaginal interventions or as comfortable sanitary towels for women in childbed.

EAN: 4052199290553

Manufacturer: Hartmann-Rico a.s., Veverská Bítýška, Czech Republic, www.hartmann.de

Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Šrobárova 48, 100 41 Praha 10, www.sukl.cz

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