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MAXI-KALZ tbl eff 20x 500mg (0.5 g)


Medicinal preparation

MAXI-KALZ tbl eff  20x 500mg (0.5 g)
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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: mineral substances

Active substance: Calcii carbonas 1250 mg (odp. 500 mg vápníku)

minimum amount for dispatch: MAXI-KALZ : the preparation contains calcium in the form suitable for oral administration. Sufficient calcium supply is necessary for bone and tooth growth and for normal function of cell membranes, nerves and muscles. Calcium is used in treatment of some allergic conditions. High doses of calcium decrease muscle tension, and in case of long-term use they moderate pains from muscle convulsions. Daily need of calcium varies between 500 - 2000 mg, whereas it is higher during pregnancy and during the period of lactation and growth. In these periods and also in case of unilateral nutrition, when sufficient calcium supply does not have to be secured by food, supplementary calcium administration is suitable.

EAN: 4019338608211

Manufacturer: Viatris Pharma GmbH/Hermes Pharma GmbH, Vienna, Austria, www.meda.se

SUKL názevMAXI-KALZ 500 500MG TBL EFF 20
SUKL kód0208837

MAXI-KALZ 500 por tbl eff 20x500mg
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