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LOSEPRAZOL cps 14x 10mg

LOSEPRAZOL cps  14x 10mg
medicinal preparation
NameLOSEPRAZOL cps 14x 10mg
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Application formtablets, capsules
Indication groupantacids, antiulcers
ManufacturerPRO.MED.CS Praha a.s., Prague, Czech Republic,
Active substanceOmeprazolum 10 mg
minimum amount for dispatchLoseprazol : Unlike preparations from the group of the so-called antacids that take their effects only with already produced gastric acid, Loseprazol 10 directly regulates gastric acid production. Loseprazol 10 begins to control gastric acid production within a few hours after administration of the first dose of the drug. The maximum effect is usually reached after 4 days of use of Loseprazol 10. It does not relieve pyrosis immediately, however, its effect is significantly more long-lasting (relief from the problems can be still felt after 24 hours after administration of the recommended dose of the preparation). After 14 days of treatment with omeprazole (an active substance of Loseprazol 10) the signs of pyrosis or stomachal hyperacidity subside in majority of patients.
SUKLLOSEPRAZOL 10 cps 14x10mg - 0023786

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LOSEPRAZOL cps  14x 10mg

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