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LACALUT AKTIV mouthwash 300ml

LACALUT AKTIV mouthwash 300ml
dental care
NameLACALUT AKTIV mouthwash 300ml
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ManufacturerArcam GmbH, Homburg, Germany,
Active substancesaluminum lactate, chlorhexidine
DescriptionLACALUT AKTIV mouthwash : It supports the natural oral flora, prevents dental plaque formation and supports discompositon of tartar. Thus it protects from inception of gum inflammation (gingivitis) and parodontosis. The preparation can also be used before cleaning teeth, when Lacalut antiplaque - mouth solution - discomposes the bacterial dental cover. Suitable also for people using dental plate without necessity to remove the dental plate. This active substance, when used, distributes optimally in the oral cavity, and the gums get tightened perceivably. Gum bleeding calms down and stops. It is intended for daily care of the oral cavity.

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LACALUT AKTIV mouthwash 300mlLACALUT AKTIV mouthwash 300mlLACALUT AKTIV mouthwash 300ml