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KREON cps 50 x 10.000 m.u.

KREON cps 50 x 10.000 m.u.
medicinal preparation
EAN8002660017000 8594158893178
NameKREON cps 50 x 10.000 m.u.
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Application formtablets, capsules
Indication groupdigestants
enzymatic preparations
ManufacturerSolvay Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Neustadt, Germany,
Active substancepancreatinum 150mg
Pregnancy and lactationClinical trials in pregnant and breast-feeding women have not been performed. The preparation should not be used unless it is really necessary.
minimum amount for dispatchKreon cps 10,000 supports digestion, and it is used especially in insufficient pancreas function. Usually 1 - 2 capsules during a meal are used; it needs to be drunk down sufficiently. In case of problems with swallowing, the capsule may be taken apart, and its content may be drunk down.
SUKLKreon 10 000 por.cps.dur.50 - 215168