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KAMISTAD Sensitive oral gel 10g

KAMISTAD Sensitive oral gel 10g


medicinal preparation
NameKAMISTAD Sensitive oral gel 10g
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Application formointments, creams, gels, pastes
Indication groupstomatologicals
ManufacturerStada Arzneimittel AG, Bad Vilbel, Germany,
Active substanceLidocaini hydrochloridum monohydricum 20 mg, Matricariae extractum fluidum 185 mg (1:4-5)
Pregnancy and lactationSafety of using Kamistad sensitive oral gel by pregnant and breast-feeding women has not been proved, and therefore pregnant and breast-feeding women must not use this preparation.
minimum amount for dispatchKamistad sensitive is oral gel with the content of two active substances for treatment of the oral cavity mucous membrane. This combination of the medical substances in Kamistad sensitive oral gel has an analgetic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. The contained lidocaine is a strong local anaesthetic, and chamomile or the chamomile tincture contains a mixture of anti-inflammatorily and antibacterially effecting substances, whose combination supports the healing process. Kamistad sensitive oral gel is used in less serious infections of gums and oral cavity and lip mucous membrane (which are manifested by reddening, bleeding, pustules and gum pain or lip reddening) and in callosities of the gums and palate caused by dental plates or orthodontic screw-jacks.
SUKLKAMISTAD Senzitiv orm gel 1x10gm - 0064758

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