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JODISOL solution 3.6g (pen)

Medicinal preparation

JODISOL solution 3.6g (pen)
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Application form: liquids for external use (solutions, sprays, emulsions)

Indication group: antiseptics, disinfectants

Active substance: Povidonum iodinatum 3,85 g ve 100 g

minimum amount for dispatch: Jodisol solution is a highly effective disinfecting preparation. It is a three-percent alcoholic solution of a complex compound (iodophor) with the possibility of wide use. It has a large extent of the effect on propagating forms of micro-organisms, i.e. bacteria, fungi and on viruses. iodine bound in the complex gets released in the concentration which is sufficient for disinfection but does not damage skin or mucous membranes. The full effect appears 1 - 5 minutes after use. It exterminates growth of pathogenic micro-organisms permanently on the skin and mucous membranes.

EAN: 8594747003858 8594747001854

Manufacturer: SpofaDental a.s., Prague, Czech Republic, www.spofadental.com

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