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IMAZOL creampaste 30g

IMAZOL creampaste 30g
medicinal preparation
NameIMAZOL creampaste 30g
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Application formointments, creams, gels, pastes
Indication groupdermatologics
ManufacturerSpirig Eastern a.s., Bratislava, Slovakia
Active substanceClotrimazolum 10 mg v 1 g
minimum amount for dispatchImazol are antifouling and antibacterial preparations with a wide range of effects. The effect of clotrimasole covers all significant kinds of cutaneous fungi and certain bacteria. Hexamidine contained in the preparation Imazol Plus boosts the effect of clotrimasole against yeasts and extends is against other kinds of bacteria which are responsible for the so-called "Athlete's foot" (the condition when the skin affected by fungi heavily weeps). Imazol Plus is suitable for the treatment of fungi and heavily weeping infections in the spaces between toes. For its good adhesion and desiccative effect of its unique ointment base Imazol creampaste is suitable for the treatment of napkin dermatitis (inflammatory skin reactions) and large-area weeping wounds on the skin.
SUKLIMAZOL KRÉMPASTA drm pst 1x30gm - 0016895

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