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HYLAK FORTE sol 1x 100ml

HYLAK FORTE sol 1x 100ml
medicinal preparation
NameHYLAK FORTE sol 1x 100ml
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Application formdrops and solutions for internal use
Indication groupdigestants
intestinal eubiotics
ManufacturerMerckle GmbH, Blaubeuren, Germany,
Active substanceBezzárodkový koncentrát: Escherichiae coli metabolita 24,9481 g, Streptococci faecalis metabolita 12,4741 g, Lactobacilli acidophili metabolita 12,4741 g, Lactobacilli helvetici metabolita 49,8960 g ve 100ml roztoku
Pregnancy and lactationHylak forte may be used also during pregnancy.
minimum amount for dispatchHylak forte : Use of Hylak forte supports, in a natural way, growth of for the body beneficial bacteria, positively regulates pH and thus also the normal functioning of the digestive tract. You may use Hylak forte when you are experiencing problems with flatulence, diarrhoea or constipation, digestive disorders associated with use of antibiotics or sulfonamids, and/or other problems associated with a change of climate or food (when travelling, for instance). During first days adults should use 2 ml of the preparation 3 times a day. Babies and children should use 1 ml of the preparation 3 times a day. After improvement, the dosage may be reduced to one half. Do not use the preparation longer than 7 days without having consulted your doctor. If your condition and the course of your disease allow it, the doctor may extend your treatment.
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