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HYDROCORTISON ointment 10g 1%

Medicinal preparation

HYDROCORTISON ointment 10g 1%
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Application form: ointments, creams, gels, pastes

Indication group: dermatologics

Active substance: Hydrocortisoni acetas 100 mg v 10 g

Pregnancy and lactation: Use of the preparation is not contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. However, due to system absorption after a local application it is necessary to consider, whether a therapeutic effect for the mother outbalances a potential risk to the foetus or child.

minimum amount for dispatch: Hydrocortisone is an anti-inflammatory substance from the group of corticosteroid hormones. When used locally, it reduces skin inflammation, inhibits allergic reactions, itching and erythema.

EAN: 8594739026599 8594739225107

Manufacturer: Zentiva a.s., Prague, Czech Republic, www.sanofi-aventis.cz, www.zentiva.com

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HYDROCORTISON LÉČIVA drm ung 1x10gm 1%
FENISTIL gel 30g
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medicinal preparation
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medicinal preparation
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