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HIRUDOID gel 40g

HIRUDOID  gel 40g
medicinal preparation
NameHIRUDOID gel 40g
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Application formointments, creams, gels, pastes
Indication groupantiphlogistics
ManufacturerStada Arzneimittel AG, Bad Vilbel, Germany,
Active substanceGlycosaminoglycani polysulfas (Mucopolysaccharidum polysulphuricum) 300 mg ve 100 g
minimum amount for dispatchHirudoid in the form of get is characterized by the ability to actively penetrate and it is excellently tolerated. It supports fast and continual absorption of the active substances by the skin, whereby a strong and long-lasting effect is reached directly in the site of the disease. Hirudoid gel prevents formation of blood clots in the surface venous system or it supports their fade-out. It accelerates absorption of haematoceles and inflammatory infiltrates, and reduces the surface inflammatory processes. Pain and the feeling of tension diminish and a local blood flow is improved. The preparation has pleasantly cooling effects.
SUKLHIRUDOID gel 1x40gm - 0100304

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