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Herbamedicus Cinnamon Balsam 250ml

Herbamedicus Cinnamon Balsam 250ml
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Description: Cinnamon balsam is a unique massage product which helps to attenuate the appearance of cellulite. Cinnamon essential oil causes local warming and blood circulation of tissue, thereby increases metabolism and supports degradation of lipocytes. It is mainly used on areas of skin with “orange peel syndrome”. Thanks to massaging the skin is more elastic, small scars are levelled and skin is smoother. After a massage, it is highly recommended to exercise given body parts to multiply the effect of cinnamon essential oil and to destruct lipocytes faster. Cinnamon essential oil also serves as disinfection and attenuate pain. Cinnamon aroma has aphrodisiac effect.

EAN: 7640133071244

Manufacturer: Herbamedicus, GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland, www.herbamedicus.ch

Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Šrobárova 48, 100 41 Praha 10, www.sukl.cz

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