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GUTTALAX drops 30ml

GUTTALAX drops 30ml
medicinal preparation
NameGUTTALAX drops 30ml
Price including VAT4,60 €
VAT rate10 %
Usual price5,10 €
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Application formdrops and solutions for internal use
Indication grouplaxatives
ManufacturerIstituto De Angeli s.r.l., Reggello, Italy,
Active substanceNatrii picosulfas 7,5 mg v 1 ml
minimum amount for dispatchGuttalax is a laxative with a local effect; this laxative has an effect on the mucous membrane in the colon after bacterial dissociation, and thus it increases the intestinal peristalsis (wave motion of the intestine wall, which leads to evacuation process).
SUKLGUTTALAX por gtt sol 1x30ml - 0049018

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