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GINGIO tbl 100 x 40mg


Medicinal preparation

GINGIO tbl 100 x 40mg

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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: phytopharmaceuticals

Active substance: Ginkgo bilobae extractum siccum normatum (35 - 67:1) 40 mg

minimum amount for dispatch: The preparation Gingio tablets is intended for treatment of the symptoms in some brain and limb perfusion disorders. The preparation is used for treatment of slight disorders of brain functions such as memory disorders, lower concentration ability, depressions, dizziness, tinnitus and headache, which can lead to decreasing the mental capacities of an individual. Use of the preparation leads to their overall improvement. The preparation is intended especially for the patients whose disorders are caused by degenerative or vascular changes or by combination of both of the forms. Furthermore, the preparation may be used, under the physician's recommendation, for narrowing of limb arteries (for so-called peripheral arterial occlusive disease of peripheral arteries), and that is in the stage I to II according to Fontaina (with the alternate conditions of limping because of pain in legs after walking a certain distance). In such cases, the preparation can extend, along with physical therapy - especially walk training, the route length which the patient can walk without pain. Furthermore, the preparation can be used for dizziness and tinnitus, whether of the vascular origin or caused by the changes in the older age.

EAN: 4030855173907

Manufacturer: Salutas Pharma GmbH, Barleben, Germany, www.sandoz.com

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