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GERATAM tbl 100x 1200mg

Medicinal preparation

GERATAM tbl 100x 1200mg

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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: nootropic drugs

Active substance: Piracetamum (piracetam) 1200 mg

minimum amount for dispatch: Geratam : By its direct effect on brain cell function, Geratam improves the learning capacity, memory, vigilance and cognition of healthy people, but also in ill people suffering of insufficiency of these capacities which is caused by brain function disorders from various causes. By the effect on red blood corpuscles, composition of the blood plasma and on brain vessels, it improves brain perfusion. After oral administration it is absorbed quickly, and the maximum level in the blood plasma is reached after 30 minutes.

EAN: 8594013100595

Manufacturer: UCB S.A. Secteur Pharma, Brussels, Belgium, www.ucb.com

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GERATAM 1200 tbl obd 100x1200mg
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