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Fytofontána ALOE VERA gel 100ml

Fytofontána ALOE VERA gel 100ml
Fytofontána ALOE VERA gel 100ml
Fytofontána ALOE VERA gel 100ml
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Composition: Aloe vera, glycerolum, chlorophylum.

Description: Fytofontána Aloe vera gel is intended for use always when the skin is extremely strained and stressed. Aloe vera gel is very pleasant for use; it can be spread easily, cools, provides relief and cools especially after sun-bathing. Aloe vera gel moisturizes, regenerates, cultivates, cleans and restores the skin to health efficiently. Suitable use: after sun-bathing, after shaving and depilation, after an insect bite, and also for refreshing tired feet. Use: apply on the chosen skin. You will increase the preparation refreshing effects by its storing in a refrigerator. Fytofontana Aloe vera gel contains of 93 % concentration of Aloe vera leaf extract. It is used especially for the treatment of sensitive dry skin, skin burdened by external influences and problematic skin.. It is pleasant to use it; it is spread easily, it provides relief and invigoration, especially after sunbathing. It is suitable as a make-up foundation. Aloe vera is, thanks to its natural plant supportive substances, the secret of healthy, stretched and beautiful skin having been used for centuries, and even in cases of exposure to unfavourable external and internal factors. On the skin the gel forms a layer from which Aloe vera applies its favourable effects – effective in inflammatory diseases, helping in skin recovery after excessive sunbathing and after burning, calming the irritated skin, lowering (suppressing) infection occurrence and calming after an insect bite. Fytofontána Aloe vera gel hydrates, regenerates, takes care of, cleans and restores the skin.

EAN: 7640119233543

Manufacturer: Herb-Pharma AG Schweiz, Switzerland, www.f-cos.com

Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Šrobárova 48, 100 41 Praha 10, www.sukl.cz

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