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FEBICHOL cps 50x 100mg

FEBICHOL cps 50x 100mg
medicinal preparation
NameFEBICHOL cps 50x 100mg
Price including VAT3,00 €
VAT rate10 %
Usual price3,30 €
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Application formtablets, capsules
Indication groupcholeretics, cholekinetics
ManufacturerNoventis s.r.o., Zlin, Czech Republic,
Active substanceFenipentolum 100 mg
minimum amount for dispatchFebichol : After swallowing the Febichol capsule, the fenipentol active substance is released in the small intestine; this active substances increases bile secretion after its absorption, and in this way it removes or moderates the digestive disorders (such as the feelings of pain or pressure in the right infracostal area, eructation, flatulence, diarrhoea, inappetence and intolerance of some, especially greasy or meat, food) caused by bile secretion disorders.
SUKLFEBICHOL por cps mol 50x100mg - 0119658

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