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EXODERIL solution 10ml

EXODERIL solution 10ml
medicinal preparation
NameEXODERIL solution 10ml
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Application formliquids for external use (solutions, sprays, emulsions)
Indication groupantimycotics
ManufacturerSandoz Pharmaceuticals Gmbh, Bruckmühl, Germany,
Active substanceNaftifini hydrochloridum 10 mg v 1 g roztoku
minimum amount for dispatchExoderil is antimycotic, anti-inflammatory solution for the external use. The preparation is used for treatment of: - the mycotic diseases of the skin and skin corrugations, - the mycotic diseases between toes (or fingers), - the mycotic diseases of nails, - candida diseases of the skin, - Pityriasis versicolor, which caused by Pityrosporon orbiculare and for treatment of the mycoses caused by the secondary bacterial infection, - inflammatory skin mycoses (with itching and without itching).
SUKLEXODERIL sol 1x10ml/100mg - 0072928

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