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ENTEROL cps 10x 250mg

ENTEROL cps 10x 250mg
medicinal preparation
NameENTEROL cps 10x 250mg
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Application formtablets, capsules
Indication groupantidiarrhoetics
intestinal eubiotics
ManufacturerBiocodex, Beauvais, France,
Active substanceSaccharomyces boulardii siccatus 250 mg
minimum amount for dispatchEnterol : The product is suitable for the supplementary treatment of acute infectious diarrhoea, the treatment and prevention of colitis accompanied by diarrhoea, which can be associated with the treatment with antibiotics, the prevention of diarrhoea in babies, the supplementary treatment of the irritated bowel syndrome. Enterol in the form of capsules can be used by the adults, adolescents as well as children. To children under 3 years of age administer only the content of the capsules. Unless the doctor recommends otherwise, the adults and children over 4 years of age take 1 or 2 capsules (1 or 2 bags) once or twice daily (morning and evening). Children under 4 years of age take one or two capsules (1 or 2 bags) daily. It is better to administer the product to children over 3 years of age in a powder form for suspension.
SUKLENTEROL por cps dur10x250mg -

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ENTEROL cps 10x 250mgENTEROL cps 10x 250mgStarší fotografie produktu

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