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ELMEX gel 25g


Medicinal preparation

ELMEX gel 25g
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Application form: ointments, creams, gels, pastes

Indication group: stomatologicals

Active substance: Aminfluorida mixta 33,190 mg (Olaflurum 30,32 mg, Dectaflurum 2,87 mg), Natrii fluoridum 22,10 mg (odpovídá 12,5 mg fluoridu)

minimum amount for dispatch: Elmex gel : Preparation with the content of aminfluorides intended for local fluoridization of the tooth enamel. The fluorides, thanks to their adhesiveness to the hard tooth tissues, cumulate in their outer layers, and in this way they decrease the enamel solubility. At the same time, they decrease or inhibit the metabolism of micro-organisms in the dental plaque by their antimicrobial effects, and thus they prevent tooth decay inception or they inhibit its development. The aminfluoride adhesiveness to the cavity mucous tissue and the tooth surface is much higher than in anorganic fluorides thanks to the presence of bipolar alkyl residues with long chains. It results in longer persistence of the fluoride part and a prolonged effect.

EAN: 7680349160394

Manufacturer: Gaba, Lörrach, Germany, www.gaba.com

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dental care
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medicinal preparation
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