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ELMETACIN spray 100ml

ELMETACIN spray 100ml
medicinal preparation
EAN4011548007877 4011548021347
NameELMETACIN spray 100ml
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Application formliquids for external use (solutions, sprays, emulsions)
Indication groupnonsteroid antiphlogistics and antirheumatics
ManufacturerStada Arzneimittel AG, Bad Vilbel, Germany,
Active substanceIndometacinum 8 mg v 1 ml (0,8 g)
minimum amount for dispatchElmetacin belongs to the group of medicaments called non-steroidal antirheumatic drugs. Solution of Elmetacin contains anti-flammatory agent called indomethacine. After local administration, the healing substance is absorbed through skin and penetrates into affected regions, where it assuages inflammation, eases pain and reduces oedema. In this way, clinical signs of inflammation are healed locally with insignificant strain to whole organism. Elmetacin is used for external supportive treatment of pain - in the case of acute contusions, sprains or strained muscles of upper and lower extremities as a result of dull injuries, for example at sport - in the case of rheumatic inflammatory diseases of soft tissues, for example tendonitis and peritendinitis In the case of rheumatic diseases of tissues, the preparation can be used only after consultation with doctor. Elmetacin is applied 3-5 times daily. In dependence on the size of painful area, 0.5 – 1.5 ml of Elmetacin solution, e.g. 4 - 13 presses of the spray are necessary for the treatment. Total daily dose should not exceed 7.5 ml of Elmetacin solution, which corresponds to 60 mg of indomethacine.
SUKLELMETACIN spr 1x100ml 1% -

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