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DUPHALAC 667g/l 200ml


Medicinal preparation

DUPHALAC 667g/l 200ml
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Application form: drops and solutions for internal use

Indication group: laxatives

Active substance: Lactulosum 66,7g.

Pregnancy and lactation: Duphalac can be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding. No effect on fertility is expected.

minimum amount for dispatch: Duphalac contains a laxative called lactulose. It softens the stool and makes it easier to leave by attracting water to the intestine. The product is not absorbed into the body. Without a doctor's recommendation, Duphalac can be used to treat constipation (uncommon bowel movements, hard and dry stools), and conditions where soft stools are needed. For example, if you have hemorrhoids, after rectal or colon surgery, only after consulting your doctor, Duphalac can be used to treat liver encephalopathy (brain damage in liver failure manifested by nerve and psychiatric symptoms). It can be used by children and adults. However, use in children (including infants and toddlers) should be exceptional and always under medical supervision. Do not give this medicine to children and adolescents less than 14 years old without a doctor's prescription, as the doctor will closely monitor the baby at the same time.

Recommended dosage: Adults and adolescents over 14 years of age: 15-45 ml (initial daily dose) and 15-30 ml (maintenance daily dose). Children and adolescents (7-14 years): 15 ml (initial daily dose) and 10-15 ml (daily maintenance dose). Children (1-6 years) 5-10 ml (initial daily dose) and 5-10 ml (maintenance daily dose). Infants up to 1 year: up to 5 ml (initial daily dose) and up to 5 ml (maintenance daily dose).

EAN: 5099151015457

Manufacturer: Mylan IRE Healthcare Limited, Ireland

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DUPHALAC 667g/l 200ml
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